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Topic: Mac UB Version of Personal Orchestra?

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    Mac UB Version of Personal Orchestra?

    According to the NI website, they are due to release the Mac UB version of their Kontakt 2 Player by the end of October.

    When will the UB version of Personal Orchestra become available assuming NI delivers on time?

    Also, will there be a cost for the UB version upgrade when it is ready? If so, what will be the price?



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    Re: Mac UB Version of Personal Orchestra?

    The K2 version with Universal Binary compatibility is not yet released by NI.

    After it is released (sometime ivery soon, I believe) we plan to encode our new libraries and also finish the port to K2 for both GPO and JABB. We can't proceed to that step until we have the compatible version in our hands. Once we have completed the port (shouldn't take too long - much preliminary work is already done) we will need to do some testing and then they will be released to our users. The Universal Binary version will be a free downloadable update to existing GPO and JABB users.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Mac UB Version of Personal Orchestra?


    Thanks for the info.

    I am in the process of moving from a PC to a Mac Pro. Can't wait until all the major tools I use are UB.

    Looks like I don't have too long to wait for one of them at least.


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    Re: Mac UB Version of Personal Orchestra?

    I just recently purchased a new Intel Mac Pro as well! Also purchased the most recent version of Logic. (I'm an old Logic user on the PC side LAWP 5).

    Love the new Mac computer. Getting to know the Logic program again.

    And I'm sooooooooooo looking forward to purchasing/updating/upgrading the GPO and JABB for the new Mac computer.

    It seems lot many of the audio and video software companies are still working on their updates for the Intel Mac Pro. I guess it's quite a complicated process to re-write the code for the new Mac computers???

    Just curious. Why did Apple decide to go Intel??? It's probably old news that I missed.

    Anyway. . .

    This is good news, Mr. Gary. Looking forward to the updates when you're ready to present them to the public.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Mac UB Version of Personal Orchestra?

    Quote Originally Posted by efiebke
    Why did Apple decide to go Intel??? It's probably old news that I missed.
    There was quite a bit of discussion on this about fifteen months ago, when Apple announced the switch from IBM CPUs to Intel.

    Basically, IBM could not produce a G5 chip that would work in a laptop, because of the G5's colossal power requirements and the amount of heat it gave off. Apple switched to Intel because Intel had a working plan for making more powerful CPUs that require a great deal less power and put out less heat.

    So far it's been a winning plan for Apple. But, as you have noted, it's taken quite awhile for the software manufacturers to produce new versions of their products that will run natively on Mac Intel. At this point Native Instruments, with their Kontakt player, are just about the last holdout in the audio and music realm.

    In the graphics realm, Adobe has not yet put out Mac Intel native versions of their flagship programs, notably Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and InDesign. They are not expected until the end of first quarter 2007.

    Everybody in the graphics and design business is holding off buying Mac Intel systems until Adobe gets onboard. So when Adobe Creative Suite 3 is released, and it's Mac Intel native, there should be a huge surge in Macintosh sales--particularly of the Mac Pro workstation line.
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