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Topic: Piano Fantasy op.38 "Halloween"

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    Piano Fantasy op.38 "Halloween"

    Hi boys,

    I'm using GPO to bring back life to my old songs. One of these is a piano fantasy called "Halloweenya". I composed this on 31 October 2005. Now with GPO sounds very good. Please comment.


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    Re: Piano Fantasy op.38 "Halloween"

    That was very cool, Andrea. I love how the tension builds. There are a lot of cool techniques here. Very nice writing!

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    Re: Piano Fantasy op.38 "Halloween"

    Great writing! Very Schumannesque in spots. Your music evokes the chill in the air and the spirit(s) of Halloween quite successfully. Thanks for posting this!

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    Re: Piano Fantasy op.38 "Halloween"


    You certainly have created a work that fits Halloween in every way. Nice selection of piano and interpretation of the music.



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    Re: Piano Fantasy op.38 "Halloween"

    Thank you all,

    I'm planning to post this to the Halloween Contest. I transcribed this for Organ too but I prefer the piano.

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    Re: Piano Fantasy op.38 "Halloween"

    A most interesting listen, Andrea!

    Very well done; some excellent writing and coloristic work in this.


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