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Topic: HELP!GS3+ problems HELP!

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    HELP!GS3+ problems HELP!


    I'm hoping for a little technical help:

    No matter how many times I re-install my GS3 (along with the 3.11, then 3.20 patches...) the following problems remains:

    1 - If I save a perf as my "template", it doesn't save it. None of the inputs assignments or anything else (ports settings etc ) remain...

    2 - The app seems not to turn off, as once turned off, if I try to turn off the computer, I get some idle time and then, 2 out of 3 times, I get the "end now" message to let me know that the app (GS3) hasn't turned off...

    3 - it seems that the file "ewctl32.dll" has something to do with this trouble as
    most error messages include it in their details...!

    I'm grateful in advance for any help (I called Tascam but while the guy there was nice, they are not on the same standard as other software companies with the help they provide...so I'm looking for a little more help here).


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    Re: HELP!GS3+ problems HELP!

    Items 2 & 3 tell me that there's a driver conflict. You might try updating all of your drivers. I'd start with the video card.

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    Re: HELP!GS3+ problems HELP!

    Thanks Jon, I'll be on it today...

    ...I'm assuming that since I did upgrade the Audio Driver (Motu), the only one left is the Video Card one?...
    (forgive me, I'm truly without sense when it comes to PCs behind GS!)
    As my PC's not online, I normally DL everything with my mac and then transfer it over, so should I be forgetting some other necessary drivers...thanks in advance for letting me know!

    ...your mention of the Video Card Driver is interesting as it's the one I didn't look into assuming XP had taken care of it...but the one asdditional symptom I didn't mention was that in my "folder tree" in GS3 ( or whatever it's referred to as) whenever I'm opening or closing a folder to search for a sound, there's definitely a graphics processing readjustment taking place (ie: visual blank, a few seconds and then reappearance of the folders...etc)

    THanks again.

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    Re: HELP!GS3+ problems HELP!

    Thanks again Jon,
    I think you did it and after a search in my pile of invoices and a call to Matrox in Canada...it's all good!
    Incidentally, the somewhat ironic thing here is that in XP, if you need to determine which - video or graphics - card you have, you need to have a driver installed for it...it identifies the driver ...huh that;'s precisely what one may not have and which will set off an interestingly frustrating process...thank god for paperwork!

    Thanks again.

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    Re: HELP!GS3+ problems HELP!

    Awesome! Glad to hear it worked!

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