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Topic: change controllers

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    change controllers

    I get the cc#7 from the left pedal of my keyboard(fatar studio 900) is it possible to change it to the expression cc#11?
    Iwork on a pc with cubase SX2.

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    Re: change controllers

    Change the Controller from within Cubase. Use the Input Transformer (the "crooked arrow" icon near the top right of the MIDI track's Inspector). Local mode is o.k.
    In the top section, create two lines...

    Type... Equal... Controller... and
    Value 1... Equal... 7

    (then in the lower section)...

    Value 1... Set to Fixed Value... 11 (it will change to "Expression" when you enter the 11)

    Set the mode to "Transform", and don't forget to activate the current Input transformer module by checkmarking it.
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    Re: change controllers

    thanx a lot
    I'll try

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