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Topic: Film music school in Europe?

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    Film music school in Europe?


    I'm very deeply in trouble figuring out where to go after my current school. I'm more growingly coming to the conclusion, that I want out of my small country to somewhere where things happen.

    I've done a lot of orchestral arranging and composing and I like film/theatre music very much. I'm not so much into jazz or modern music in the classical genre. I've also studied conducting and my main instrument is piano pop/jazz-piano. I'm not the best player there is.

    I'm now asking for help to find a school in Europe where to apply (and where I could possibly get in) so that means a school where they are looking for composers/arrangers and not super-players (unless you count GPO Player ). If you guys have gotten into a great school in Europe, please tell me! I'm especially looking for schools in GB, Germany and France but any other place will do just as fine.

    My main subject would be composing/arranging plus some piano lessons and band stuff. I also value the town's atmosphere very much and would love to live in a town like Paris. I speak English, a little Swedish and German and will also learn French if needed.

    Thank you so much in advance already!!!

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    Re: Film music school in Europe?

    I have a friend that went here: http://www.lipa.ac.uk/

    There were very interesting students there at the time. It's in Liverpool, UK

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    Re: Film music school in Europe?

    This is a really good book: http://www.berkleepress.com/catalog/...oduct_id=11222

    If your Musical knowledge is strong enough, you don't really have to go to school for this. Many of the top composers right now can't even read music (which is sad but true)

    You need good ideas.
    You need to learn to work quickly.
    You need to be able to communicate.
    You need to listen to lots of Filmscore.
    You need to learn the basic Technical aspects.

    The Technical Aspects are all that can really be taught and you can pick that up in a weekend seminar.

    Consider moving to a place where Film music is made and try to get a job as an aprentice/programmer/copyist/editor.

    There are LOTS of assistants in the Filmscore industry.


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    Re: Film music school in Europe?

    Hi. So what do you you wanna do. Greig & Sibelius came from small towns and I dont think they ever left. If you are looking for a School in GB check out the this http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4168838.stm

    It might suit you.


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    Smile Re: Film music school in Europe?

    Quote Originally Posted by Maestro-D
    Hi. So what do you you wanna do. Greig & Sibelius came from small towns and I dont think they ever left. .....
    I am from the home town of Grieg. It´s not THAT small.
    It is actually one of the most happening music towns in Europe (compared to size). About 250 000 inhabitants

    Anyways. You can also check out this: http://www.musicforthemedia.co.uk/
    This way you can work from wherever you are
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    Re: Film music school in Europe?

    You might find something for you at the Malmö Academy of Music. A swedish school which I believe offers courses for international students.


    Malmö is in the very south of Sweden and has good communications and is a quite nice town with lots of music in different ways, and is just half an hour from danish capital Copenhagen.

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