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Topic: Software sampling or go hardware

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    Software sampling or go hardware


    I am looking into establishing a sampling system for my music composition. Debating whether to go with an Akai S6000 or stick with a software sampler.

    I will be using a sampler for triggering all sorts of sounds for an ambient world music style. I don't need hard disk streaming for using super large orchestral libraries. Many of the samples will be self created and manipulated in a variety of creative ways.

    So really the question is this: Has software sampling been reliable enough to use without too many hang-ups or should I look into an Akai S6000 that has a proven reliable OS?

    I just see so many issues with every upgrade in the software world that it appears that tools such as Kontakt and Gigastudio are more of a headache than a reliable tool.
    Upgrade your sequencer, then your sampler version X has problems. Upgrade sampler x and then it doesn't run on your current sequencer version x.

    Here is my DAW computer system:
    Cubase SX 3
    Asus A8V Deluxe with AMD X2 dual core chip
    2GB Corsair RAM
    RME Digiface Hammerfall sound card

    Thanks and look forward to your interesting experiences!

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    Re: Software sampling or go hardware

    I use Kontakt 2 and Logic EXS24 in addition to a S6000 in my studio. I have to say that I use the Akai just because it has two hard discs full of stuff I've had for ages and still like to use.
    But having Kontakt totally integrated into your software platform of choice is such a breeze, and if you are into audio manipulation as you say, you are easily able to do a lot of mad stuff with Kontakt that the Akai won't do.
    My only caveat would be that I like to intuitively figure out how to use new kit - I tend to remember better that way - and I've found a few things frustratingly difficult to figure out.. but hey, I seem to remember a pretty steep learning curve with my first Akai!!



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    Re: Software sampling or go hardware

    My feeling on this is that Kontakt is about 100x more powerful than an Akai S6000. Once you get into the power user features you'll see that you are able to do far more with it than a hardware sampler could ever offer.

    I understand your hesitation about moving over to an all-software setup, but I can tell you that I have used Kontakt live and in the studio for years now and it has performed great with minimal problems!

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