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Topic: Muse Demos finally here...

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    Muse Demos finally here...

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: Muse Demos finally here...

    I just listened and I'm dissapointed. Sounds awful, actually.Sounds like samples. Even the snares sound like samples( that lovely machine gun effect) How hard is it to make drums realistic nowadays? Bummer. That was a waste of hope.

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    Re: Muse Demos finally here...

    I enjoyed some of the demos. I wonder how playable some of the patches are. The synth stuff sounds better then what comes with Collosus.

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    Re: Muse Demos finally here...

    It is not fair for me to criticize publicly a product and feel bad for doing so.

    Opinions vary widely and mine is no better than anyone elses.

    However, that said, I will not buy this product because I feel it does not contribute anything to my arsenal of sounds and synths.

    Better audio demos would help.


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    Re: Muse Demos finally here...

    I Don't need or would buy it, but the words awful did not come to mind. A second listen, some of the demos are less then inspiring, and mixes slightly odd at times. I have collosus, and I don't find any of the synth patches usable at all, except for the stormdrone. This at least sounds like the electronic patches have some potential maybe.

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    Re: Muse Demos finally here...

    they are'nt the worst demos. Awful to me means that after all the hype this library really doesn't compete. Collosus set a standard for an all around library. And,yeah, definately beats Collosus in the synth area but for the money there are significantly better alternatives.

    I was hoping that the former Sonic Implants would come up with something a bit different and contemporary. It's more like a good library from about 6 years ago. Dang.

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    Re: Muse Demos finally here...

    Agree with everything said here. Not impressed at all.

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    Smile Re: Muse Demos finally here...

    Hello all,

    I was hoping to announce this however looks like you folks beat me to it. Our page went up over the weekend with out my knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to check out some of our MUSE demos.

    Some Things to know about MUSE:

    What is MUSE?

    It is an instrument designed to be an affordable all around very playable toolkit for musicians that want to work quickly, work on a laptop, or folks that want to just have a nice sounding large palette to choose from without having to make a huge investment to get the essentials.

    SONiVOX (formerly Sonic Implants) products have always been well respected and sought after by the user community. MUSE will be no exception!

    To better understand where we are coming from with MUSE please let me give you a bit of background.

    The whole idea for MUSE came from getting to know the MIDI world through keyboard workstations. Most keyboards and hardware workstations had things in common with each other ie: GM set Combis expansion cards, etc. As time and technology progressed I acquired had quite an arsenal of softsynths and sample libraries (I have a huge collection of most everything) I found myself sitting at my computer spending inordinate amounts of time trying to figure out what to use, setting templates up, or just trying to get it all to work together or just on one machine. One day I was musing to myself (pun intended) how much simpler it was in the days when I was using just a couple of those classic workstations. I thought that it would be really useful and nice if I could be able to have that kind of experience again but still enjoying the fruits of technological advancement ie: larger footprint higher quality samples, an easy to use user interface that wasn’t a 2 inch screen, a plugin that would work in a sequencer, playable, and could run on a laptop. I thought that there had to be a lot of people who felt as I did. Thus MUSE was born.

    MUSE isn’t an end all, it isn’t supposed to be. The instruments in MUSE aren’t on the same par as something as libraries specific to one thing like our Symphonic Library or SID XL, however there is about 14 gigs making up a MINI Sonic Implants’ Symphonic Collection (worth the price alone) and a huge selection of other acoustic, electric & combi instruments that are all easy to find and use.

    I imagine most pro users using MUSE to sketch quickly on the fly, or as a go to for instruments they might not have a super extensive 30 gig library of like an Accordion, Steel Drums, or a Chinese Zither.

    Beginning users new to the world of virtual instruments will find MUSE as a friendly ambassador hopefully opening new doors for them.

    In short what MUSE is supposed to be, a professional, well thought-out balanced diet of essential and some not so essential instruments, designed for playability and ease of use, a go-to affordable toolkit.

    MUSE has been special for us to produce, and I really hope people enjoy using it!

    Best regards,
    Al Joelson

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    Re: Muse Demos finally here...

    From the demos it does sound like a workstation-ish rompler capable of some workstation-y type sounds.

    While the synths seem to sound very good there aren't very many exposed acoustic instruments, which are always the hardest to pull off.

    I also, wouldn't mind hearing something a bit more pop brassy eg with saxes, trumpets and bones, and some more of the ethnic melodic instruments.

    Ben H

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    Re: Muse Demos finally here...

    My first impressions were not so good as well. With all of the libraries that Sonivox has (drums, bass, talkbox guitar, orchestral, etc) they could have put together a real winner here. I'm just not hearing it, but I should go back and listen again. I own Colossus and while there are a few areas where it is weak (the above mentioned synths) there are some great useable sounds.

    I think as most peoples virtual libraries mature we look (listen) for sounds that really are "heros". Vienna library stuff is this to orchestral, the Project Sam stuff, Atmosphere for synths, EWQL RA for ethnic, etc. I am fortunate enough to have quite a few soft synths and am now looking at buying a few "Rolls Royce" instruments rather than a "swiss army knife".

    I suppose if a new user to computer music was looking for a healthy array of instruments he or she may consider Muse. I just thought that Sonivox would throw all of there most compelling libs (like East West did with Colossus) at this product and really make it a standout.

    2 cents,

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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