I am moving to India in a year or two, and want to bring my studio (to make recordings in the field and in the house, and to work on arrangments). This means making the whole thing small and portable. In addition to bying a MacBookPro for my main audio work/sequencing (Digital Performer), I want to sell my 3 gHz Pentium5 PC and get a Laptop instead (for GS 3.2). I want it to be both fast and small.
I have been looking at the Dell XPS M1210 (with 2 gig ram). Has anyone used this for GS? Any thoughts? Other PC laptops to recommend?

Also, what soundcard should I get for the GS laptop? The Mac will be using the MOTU traveler, so I am thinking the GS soundcard should have ADAT out to send 8 channels of audio to the Mac (Analog in/out wouldn´t hurt either). Of course it needs to have a very low latency

Any input appreciated