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Topic: Christmas songs

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    Christmas songs

    A few new Christmas songs up at Acid Planet, some with lots of GPO. Check out:

    1) O Come, O Come Emmanuel (my submission for this year's GPO CD)
    2) O Holy Night

    Both of these are GPO plus real instruments, vocals, narration, etc.



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    Thumbs up Re: Christmas songs

    Hi Jim,

    great job!

    Is this your voice? Very good! I need some males voices in my choir.

    Liked the idea (in O Come, O come) of having someone read the scripture while the music was playing.

    Some parts in both O holy Night and O Come, Come were too pop'ish for my taste though.

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    Smile Re: Christmas songs

    Hey, thanks for the comments, Stefan! Yes,that's me singing on O Holy Night. Actually, I recruited my wife and daughters to sing the backup vocals too. We performed this live in church last year at Christmas time, with just the smaller string ensemble, basically acoustic guitar, 2 violins and cello. I decided to add the other orchestration to fill it out a little more, and well, being an electric guitarist, I just couldn't resist going for the orchestra + rock band ending. Sorry, I know you're more of a pure classical kind of guy (love your arrangements, BTW). I like to do a lot of transitioning between classical and pop/rock styles in the same piece.

    Thanks for listening!


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    Re: Christmas songs


    Lovely arrangement on O Holy Night. Nice simple instruments, no clutter over the main theme and the singer.



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    Re: Christmas songs

    Some really top-flight arranging in these; well thought
    out, well orchestrated... and the stylistic blends work
    like magic.

    It's tricky to get strong instrumental lines to run well under
    narrative without overpowering it; but O Come, O Come
    came off with just the right balance.

    Your rendition of O Holy Night was just lovely, Jim;
    you've got a fine voice, and the tender accompaniment
    (later with the gal-choir) was just the right back-up to
    roll into it. The restraint and control and the build into
    the powerhouse latter section was extremely effective.

    Great work!


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    Thumbs up Re: Christmas songs

    It seems that year after year the enlargement to new and complete media of production of our Christmas compilation, is producing an amazing set of samples and good ideas (new style of arrangement, beside live tracks mixup, voices singing or reading etc.).

    Congratulations to all producers, I also did my little one, (I hope )

    But first of all: Nice job Jim!

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    Re: Christmas songs

    Gary, David and Fabio-

    Thank you so much for your encouraging comments, they really mean a lot!


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