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Topic: GIG Files to cubase???

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    Question GIG Files to cubase???


    Im using the apocalypse choir set on my brothers computer, but I have no idea how to use GIGAstudio, so is there anyway I can convert the GIG files to something suitable for cubase?

    Thanks everyone

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    Re: GIG Files to cubase???

    No, unless you buy GVI.


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    Re: GIG Files to cubase???

    Hi Jumitus,
    You could run Halion 3 as a VST instrument in Cubase. It will read/convert gig files, but I think the better answer is to get GVI. It will be less money and give you more options.

    J. Mattes, Gurnee, IL USA

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    Re: GIG Files to cubase???

    Quote Originally Posted by Daryl
    No, unless you buy GVI.

    Or use Rewire. . .

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