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Topic: Moods (1)

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    Moods (1)

    Well, yesterday, I fell of a ledge in my back yard, made a nice 5 point landing, have various new blue & purple skin colorations, lost the use of my arm for 12 or so hours, etc. The adrenal rush caused by the affair certain induced a great state of wakefulness and full alert. So I finished this, the first of about 7 parts.

    Moods (1)

    As usual, the mp3 is the GPO Steinway, which can be heard by selecting the mp3 bar at the top of the page.

    If you also wish to see the score, you will need the free Scorch plug-in, available on the page.


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    Re: Moods (1)

    Such an inspired mood, Richard! I'm sorry it was brought about by the fall; I sincerely hope you are alright. Love those tritones. It's such a beautifully uneasy feeling you've created, however mildly irritated, as if below the surface. Very tingly. I look forward to the next parts (hopefully equally inspired by stable footing)!

    Composing would certainly be dangerous work if this were the process--I can picture it as a Monty Python sketch. "Oh I'm fine! You see, I'm working on a suite..." =splat!=

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    Re: Moods (1)

    Gosh, I cannot think of many pieces inspired by a tumble
    off a precipice, Richard; but I may just try that myself
    if I ever run into writer's block...

    Again, that sense of the idea revolving before me in this.
    Quite a subtle, lovely piece, Richard.


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