hey everyone,

i'm interested in buying a 2nd hand rme DIGI96/8 PST. there is just one thing i don't seem to be able to find out though: is it possible to connect the adat-output directly to the adat-input?

my current configuration is as follows:
i've got an 8-in, 8-out STAudio dsp2000. i'm running gigastudio 2.x and cubase sx 3 on the same computer. cubase sends midi over to gigastudio through internal midiports. by connecting 6 of my analogue outputs with six analogue inputs using patchcables i have the gigastudio-audio coming into cubase
(so from the 'outside'), which i use for some eq'ing and convolutionreverb. the remaining two analogue outputs i use to monitor cubase. this is working fine, but in this way the already digitalized signals (samples) is put through an extra unnecessary DA en AD conversion (and the converters on this card are not that great).

does anyone know whether it's possible to use the adat-in en - outputs on the rme DIGI96/8 PST in the same manner as i'm now using my analogue ins en outs on my dsp2000? i'd still be routing the signal externally, but at least it would entirely in the digital domain, which should improve the quality a lot. i'm also interested in other good solutions of getting gigastudio-audio into cubase real-time using 1 computer.

i'd be really greatful if someone could help me, i've been trying to find this out forever!

grtz, arjan