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Topic: artificial harmonics

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    artificial harmonics

    hi there
    I understand that there are no artificial harmonics in this library...; anyway, is there a chance maybe that there comes an (alternative, additional) .nki version where the gaps between the natural harmonics are filled (by tuning the closest neighbour samples)? Of course that would not fit so much to the purist overall concept but I'm sure it will still sound highly usable.
    In case you do plan further recordings for version 3, artificial harmonics would be on top of my wish list, together with flautando or tremolo sul ponticello.


    Uli Reuter
    film composer, Germany

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    Re: artificial harmonics

    I also brought this topic up. Unfortunately, no one has reallly responded. Unfortunately for me, a great deal of the harmonics I use do not use the natural overtone series of the open strings which is why I need the artificial harmonics. I agree with your solution. While it might not sound exactly like an artificial harmonic, it will sound enough like a harmonic to be passable. At any rate, this is certainly on my wish list for the Strad (and the new GOS library when it comes out).

    James III
    James G. Eakin III, DMA
    Turtle Creek Chorale
    Assistant Director-Film Scoring program,
    Aspen Music Festival & School

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    Re: artificial harmonics

    I wonder if this is something someone can write kontakt script for? I am not a script writer, but I've seen people writing the entire piano string resonacne modeling with kontakt 2 scripts. I wonder if the same thing can be done for artificial harmonics?

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    Re: artificial harmonics

    Quote Originally Posted by microsmurf
    I wonder if this is something someone can write kontakt script for?
    you wouldn't need a script for that but you need access to Kontakt's editing (mapping) parameters which are locked in stradivari. as are the scripts. but for our kind developers I think it would take ten minutes to provide a chromatically playable version... maybe five.

    Uli Reuter
    film composer, Germany

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