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Topic: Reegs - The Haunted Carnival

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    Reegs - The Haunted Carnival

    This is my entry for the halloween contest.

    The Haunted Carnival


    2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 oboes, 1 bassooon, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 tuba, 1 contrabasstuba, strings, perucssion, glass harmonica, piano, and the GPO organ which I've turned into a calliope by using the prinzipal and flute stops.

    also some sfx and some post-processing with ambience and glaceverb reverbs and some cakewalk fx. I took advantage of glaceverb's vectorize harmony function along with some panning to seriously morph the sound effects

    created in overture se, ported to sonar and edited, recorded in goldwave because the sound card i currently have isn't letting sonar record or bounce midi/VSTs.


    We open onto the strangely deserted carnival at twilight. We voyage through the stalls where we discover things are not quite as safe nor as deserted as we thought. We run for cover in, of course, the funhouse and become aware of another creepy presence there. We escape the funhouse only to find ourselves back in the middle of the carnival. Running for the exit, we become lost in the stalls as darkness sets in and that horrible presence sneaks behind us. We hide in a tent as it walks past and the last ray of sunlight disappears on the horizon. We will wait out the night in fear...

    Thanks for listening!

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    Re: Reegs - The Haunted Carnival

    Peter, this is quite a wild ride, with some truly ingenious
    "effects" writing. Highly effective!

    Excellent programmatic composition -- I thoroughly
    enjoyed this... not knowing from one moment to the
    next what adroit twist was forthcoming.


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    Re: Reegs - The Haunted Carnival

    Very nice writing Reegs! I really like the metallic slicing sound you used! Fantastic writing and orchestration. You've definitely reminded me of my fear of clowns! Isn't Halloween great?

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    Re: Reegs - The Haunted Carnival

    The Haunted Carnival


    Aaaaaaaghhh! Knew I shouldn't have put this on just before lights-out!

    Some seriously good -and spooky compositional work here. Particularly liked some of the effects as these weren't too overdone.

    It's suddenly gone very cold in here!

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: Reegs - The Haunted Carnival

    David, Joe, and Graham,

    Thanks for the feedback! I really enjoyed making this piece, especially incorporating all the "carnival" bits into it.

    I'm finding I am much more fluent with GPO now than just three months ago. I am pleased with how I was able to make the section around 5:00 with the strings breathe.

    I think three of the five or so different sound effects are from Doru Malaia. They really were just what I was looking for. God bless that guy, he really loved helping musicians.

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    Re: Reegs - The Haunted Carnival


    The deserted carnival certainly got busy didn't it!! Great writing and use of everything in the sound box to make all of the creepy effects!!!



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    Re: Reegs - The Haunted Carnival

    --!!--I loved this, Reegs. Such fun to hear the excellent GPO library twisted and warped into something so eerie. I appreciate "straight" orchestral recordings done with GPO, but also when there are adventuresome things done with audio recording techniques like you've done here.

    Excellent--Very glad I chose to take a listen.


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