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Topic: Help with Kontatk/DFD

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    Help with Kontatk/DFD

    I've been using the kompakt player on my 2nd PC for my QLSO brass. It had been working fine but it seems to be having some problems with the DFD settings. I keep getting random repeating notes like the DFD is hanging up. Has anybody experienced this? And does anybody know what the best DFD settings would be so i can compare them? Thanks!

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    Re: Help with Kontatk/DFD

    Following the recomendation from another K2 user, I have Instrument preload size set to 18 kB and Voice RAM to 66 MB. If the latter is not enough, you will get a warning; just raise it then.

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    Re: Help with Kontatk/DFD

    hmm, that seems like a very low setting. Does anybody else have any numbers to throw out?



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