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Topic: Tuning in Giga to 442Hz

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    Tuning in Giga to 442Hz

    Hello, can anybody tell me if it's possible to change the master tuning in Giga3, as it does in K2? I need my samples to play in 442 Hz.

    I can't find any option...any clue?

    Thks in advance,


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    Re: Tuning in Giga to 442Hz

    As far as I know, Giga doesn't include a global tuning feature.

    That's a nice request for the next major version. I'd also like to request sostenuto support for pianos. My Kurzweil PC-88 has both features, and it was released in 1994...

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    Re: Tuning in Giga to 442Hz

    Thank Jon...

    Wow...I'm pretty disappointed

    I need this in order to match with an orchestra...looks like I'm gonna need import a few samples to K2

    Do you know any other way I could do this? Like bouncing to audio and editing after...but then, should I boost the pitch? how much would that be from 440Hz for samples and 442 for orchestra?

    Thks again,


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