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Topic: Strad midis?

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    Strad midis?


    Nice clips to showcase the strad!

    Garritan supplied a MIDI file with two tracks; I assigned one to Stradivari Violin and the other to a synth pad, both with a little reverb. This example demonstrates legato, spiccato, tremolo, double-stop, harmonic, sordino, pizzicato, and glissando playing techniques, all enabled with keyswitching.
    I do not know if I have missed it but have these midis been released on this forum or the garritan website? Are there any other strad midi files released for us to study and learn from?

    Thank you,

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    Smile Re: Strad midis?

    Yes, check my stradi tutorial in the stradi section of the forum!

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    Re: Strad midis?


    Thanks for fishing this out.

    This is indeed the first demo I did in December 2005, for the presentation of the Stradivari.

    The original mp3 and the midi file can be found here:



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