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Topic: M-Audio Premium Grand?

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    M-Audio Premium Grand?

    They released this several months ago. An old-fashioned piano in some respects--three layers, I think, and sold solely as a set of samples to be loaded into Kontakt or other soft samplers. Created by Sonic Reality, the folks who created the piano collection for Sampletank and the samples (not the mapping, I think) for the M-Audio stage pianos. I've always liked the Sonic Reality take on pianos, though they have the old, old problem of using hard strikes for soft layers.

    The one M-Audio stage piano I've heard had strange, sudden timbre changes across the keyboard, and a less than wonderful midrange, but I like the sound of the treble.

    Anyone here have this sample set? Impressions? (Is it a better, bigger version of the samples in the stage pianos?)

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    Re: M-Audio Premium Grand?

    Talking about resurrecting and old thread!

    I have the now discontinued Sonic Reality refill version of this piano. It is a brite piano that has a little of a hard edge to it. I like it for what it is. I even made a demo of it:


    ...but with this sampletekk sale....

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