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Topic: FireGS's "The Magnificent Seven" cue

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    FireGS's "The Magnificent Seven" cue

    FireGS asked me to post this as he was having IE problems... FireGS writes: "This is just a short cue from The Magnificent Seven, the 60's Western starring Clint Eastwood. It's all Garritan Products, AKA everything is GPO, and I also used the Strad for the violin section, layered of course. SIR reverb was used, with the "Warm Room" impulse from K2."


    Wow, those strings sound brilliant with a little dash of Strad! The only problem I had with this little cue was that it was too short! Great work, FireGS, what a beautiful sound you have achieved!
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    Re: FireGS's "The Magnificent Seven" cue

    Thanks for helping Sam out here, Sean!

    Sam! That was great! I really loved the whole mix. Everything sounds fantastic. If you did this by ear, as usual, your ear is amazing.

    Thanks for sharing this gem.

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    Re: FireGS's "The Magnificent Seven" cue

    Wow! What a really fun mockup of the piece, FireGS! The violins really shine with the strad in place. Great work.

    I agree with Sean...too short! We want MORE!


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    Re: FireGS's "The Magnificent Seven" cue


    Wow, really neat mockup. But way to short. Could even sit down with the popcorn and it was over I hope you can spin the rest of it out to us real soon.



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    Re: FireGS's "The Magnificent Seven" cue

    ... this piece and others as well add a lot to understand how to use GPO the right way. Thanks to you.


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    Re: FireGS's "The Magnificent Seven" cue

    wonderful! you really transported the spirit of the glorious western days. sounds very vivid! my only nitpick: the background staccs from 0:4-0:16. but such textures are hard to realize with gpo....


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    Re: FireGS's "The Magnificent Seven" cue

    Lovely. Sounds like the exact same arrangement that Kunzel used on the Telarc Round Up album, with wonderfully massive percussion and dynamics, years ago.

    FireGS, How did you get the score???? Those are hard to get.


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    Re: FireGS's "The Magnificent Seven" cue

    Wow! Really nice job on rendering this, FireGS!

    A real pleasure to the ear.


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    Re: FireGS's "The Magnificent Seven" cue


    Absolutely mind-boggling good. I thought I was listening to a "real" orchestra. I mean, this is an amazing demo for GPO.

    My hat is off to you for your audio "chops." You really know how to deliver an awesome GPO performance.

    BRAVO, FireGS

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