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Topic: Does This Sound like an odd Way of Working?

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    Does This Sound like an odd Way of Working?

    Bearing in mind what others hace said about using midi files created outside of GPO, does this sound like a reasonable way of working or am I missing something really important. I compose & record all my stuff on my clavinova cvp 207 and save it to midi. I then bring it into Cubase/GPO and delete ALL ther controller data. I then set the velocity of ALL the notes to what I think is an appropriate value, e.g., 50 on the strings for a slow piece with limited dynamics, and then redo all the other controller info by hand except the mod wheel which I record using my Oxygen 8. Does this sound like the Mark Of A Lunatic or a reasonable approach?

    Cheers, ColinD

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    Ya Lunatic ... Never really a right or wrong way in my op-onion. What ever woiks for you and is comfortable for you and gives you the best results to your personally.
    Now for myself, I just bang on the dang thing till the notes come out.

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    Re: Does This Sound like an odd Way of Working?

    It sounds mostly reasonable, except I wouldn't use the same velocity throughout the composition. You wouldn't expect a musician to play everything with the same attack, would you?

    BTW, this thread has got to take the prize as the most unique thread of all times

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