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Topic: dsp2000 win/xp driver etc

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    dsp2000 win/xp driver etc

    hey guys !!i\'m planning to buy the staudio dsp 2000 sound card.does anyone here uses this product?how about the quality?is stable?
    there\'s no win/xp drivers yet but how long we need to wait.
    thanx for any help

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    Re: dsp2000 win/xp driver etc

    I use a DSP2000 and after initial troubles
    and grief it seems to be working now.
    The sound and features are great, and right
    now my only complaint is that there seems to
    be some trouble with the midi drivers and/or the devicedrivers, which some times lead to a crash or distortion of the gigasounds.

    I think it might have to do with drivers
    getting pushed around in memory - but I
    don\'t see a distinct pattern yet.

    I think there is a W2K driver on the Hoontech


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    Re: dsp2000 win/xp driver etc

    thanks sapkiller for your attention.

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