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Topic: GVI Useage

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    GVI Useage

    Currently, I am using GS3 in Sonar for drums (among other things). In order to treat each drum instrument (or group, as would be recorded by miking a live drumset) I apply the Blue Jay drums to five different MIDI channels in GS, then map these five channels to seperate ReWire tracks in Sonar. I can then apply effects, etc. to the drums seperately, again very much like you would do with a live, miked set (kick, snare, hat, stereo toms, stereo overheads). In the past I used to seperate the MIDI signals by instrument to seperate MIDI tracks. With Sonar drum maps, I can just map each drum instrument to what I want - both MIDI Channel and DXi/VSTi instrument, and no longer use multiple MID tracks to represent my drums (I find it much easier to line things up when they are not spread across multiple MIDI tracks, not to mention other benefits of Sonar drum maps).

    If I am not mistaken, applying the same sample set to multiple MIDI channels in GS3 does not open multiple instances of the samples, and thus does not eat up system resources.

    Any idea how I can do this with GVI? Will I have to load five instances of GVI? I can't see a way to assign MIDI channels to different audio tracks like I can with ReWire. As you know, ReWire channels look like seperate audio channels. Hmmmm. How to do with GVI without drawing too many system resources. I assume that If I load five instances of GVI, that I will have to load five instances of the drum samples. Correct?



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    Re: GVI Useage

    I don't think you'll need seperate instances for what you're trying to do. There are 16 tracks in one GVI instance, each on a different MIDI channel, each of which can also be routed to one of 16 stereo outs.

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    Re: GVI Useage


    Thanks, Fizbin

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