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Topic: By popluar demand-- Cimbasso!

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    By popluar demand-- Cimbasso!

    The world has been clamoring for more cimbasso music and I am happy to finally be able to help relieve the dire shortage.

    For your listening pleasure -- Eric Ewazen's light-hearted Concerto for Tuba or Bass Trombone played for the first time by VSL VI Cimbasso.

    So just what is a Cimbasso? Well, it's sort of weird cross between a trombone and a tuba.

    I hope you enjoy listening.



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    Re: By popluar demand-- Cimbasso!

    Very nice work: well done.

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    Re: By popluar demand-- Cimbasso!

    Indeed well done - but I understand now why there are so few Cimbasso peices

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    Re: By popluar demand-- Cimbasso!

    Very nicely done Jay.. Like the sound..

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