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Topic: Extending Instrument Ranges

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    Extending Instrument Ranges

    Hi, everyone -
    I was wondering about the possibility of extending the range of any instrument in GPO. Specifically, I would like to extend the range of the Solo Violins beyond D7. I have many examples where a solo violin goes as high as A7. I can 'monkey' with extending ranges in other sampler programs, but I have no idea whether something can be done with Kontakt. I figure if it can be done with one instrument, it can be done for any instrument (in Kontakt).

    Thanx for any suggestions.

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    Re: Extending Instrument Ranges

    Hello -

    For one project, I extended the range of GPO's Tubular Bells by 1/2 step using Kontakt 2. I could have gone further than 1/2 step. I saved it with a slightly different name than GPO so it can be used again using Kontakt 2. However, because, at present, GPO is formatted to use Kontakt 1.5, I am not able to open the revised file within GPO.

    So, I guess you can can extend the violin using the full working version of Kontakt. I am not an expert at all of this. But I can say that my needs were met doing what I described above.

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    Re: Extending Instrument Ranges

    This has always been one of my biggest rants about samples.. (not just GPO but others as well)

    Nothing more frustrating then to find the instrument cuts out a few notes short!

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