Lesson 19 of the Free Interactive Rimsky-Korsakov Principles of Orchestration is now posted.

For those following the course, Lesson 19 of the Interactive Rimsky-Korsakov Principles of Orchestration is now posted. In previous lessons we discussed harmony. This lesson begins the discussion of composition. Here we will discuss composition of the orchestra and explore different ways of orchestrating the same music. Here is the link to Lesson 19:

Lesson 19:

For those unfamiliar with the course, the popular Rimsky-Korsakov "Principles of Orchestration" is one of the finest orchestration books ever puiblished. This online interactive edition presents this classic work as a multimedia, self paced course, delivered on the Northern Sounds forum. And it's free!

The course has 26 lessons with numerous interactive scores (275 of them) that allow you to see the score while you hear the music. There are exercises with scores, midi files and audio clips. There are online orchestration professors and a community learning environment where learners can discuss the topics and share their examples. Here's the link to the course itself: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...splay.php?f=77

Only 6 Lessons remaining!

I welcome your participation.

Gary Garritan

"The right music played by the right instruments at the right time in the right combination: that's good orchestration." --Leonard Bernstein