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Topic: Registration madness

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    Registration madness

    I agree there must be some registration to avoid illegal copies and all arguments to this topic.

    But yesterday:
    • replaced my videocard;
    • some strange system/hw errors occurred after this;
    • went to the store;
    • the bloke reset to default my Bios (I didn't notice this);
    • after all we re-installed the old one (videocard);
    • back home I started the system;
    • after a while I saw that strange date and time (now I noticed this Bios setting)
    • I reset the BIOS as it should be.
    So the system is completely the same as before this useless exercise.
    But the registration mechanism said it wasn't and I have to registrer again.
    Stupid, but ok......

    I started the registration tool and saw that the system ID was exactly the same as before (I kept a printed email message of the first time) and thought that when inputting the authorization key I could use GPO again.
    Result: NO, errorId 5.

    I went to the registration site of NI and de-activated my registration to put in a new one, based upon another (that other) hardware id (which was exactly the same number).

    And as before, you people think that the whole world is US-based. I can't get typed in correctly the ZIP code!!!! Because overhere in the Netherlands we have another zipcode-format.

    Another thing is that when I loaded Sonar with all the plugins (GPO vst ) the system says that the first one isn't available and no connection has been made with my flutes setup. All others were there (after the complaint that Garritan can be used only for 30 days without registration).

    So I went back to my Ghosted-image, made the 2nd of November (before that hardware change) and filled the original partition with that ghosted image, hoping that the system would react the same way as on that glorious day when I finally got the full layout of my pianoconcerto the way I wanted (to start the final adjustments).

    The same error. The plugin wasn't recognized and .... no flutes and still.... you have to register again.

    I know that this whole process of registration isn't from your hand, but you developers thought it right to use. I bought a GPO from Garritan and not from Native instruments. Now I am very angry, that this cripple registration tool forces me to spend more time to this recovery process and re-registration than necessary.

    I already sent a message to NI to deal with this problem and I urge you to find another security and registration system, because it is silly that one has to put in new numbers when adding or changing hardware in the computersystem and that GPO isn't running authorized (something like replacing the exhaustpipe of your car and then the bloody thing won't drive more than 30 kilometers).


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    Re: Registration madness

    Can't help you with the specific problem obviously, but there is a 'change location' button on the NI home page that will put you in the Netherlands, on the left below the log in one, just in case you haven't spotted it yet - I did the same thing and I'm in the UK.
    I hope you get some response and solution soon. I must say that I absolutely hate and couldn't bother with the new report form for technical problems - you have to insert every piece of personal information you ever had, including your inside leg measurement before you can ask a question.
    I gave up and went to the forum, you might try that yourself!

    I wish you good luck!


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    Re: Registration madness

    I didn't see that button "change location" . But right now the website is either too busy or some orcas had a good lunch eating the cable.

    I always wondered why the US people wanted the ZIP-code. They are there in almost every registration form. First I hadn't a clue what they meant by ZIPcode. I thought it was the number written down on my zipper . Then I reversed my Zippo to look for a serialnumber. But that didn't help either.

    Another thing is quite serious. When they can read your hardware configuration they also can read more info from your computer system. And that is a privacy violation (and also in the States). The same applies to that company in Redmond. In my case the hardware hadn't changed: the final result was the same as before that exercise. So they must have had some access to other pieces in my system. And that is forbidden by law!!

    Nevertheless I will try to re-register later today and thanks again.

    Have a nice weekend,


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    Re: Registration madness

    I can understand toyr frustration. Myself I am mad on NI. Once again the registration doesn´t work.
    Got my JABB and Stradivari a couple of days ago. But could I authorize it?
    Oh no. Registration Tool tells me I have wrong System ID. Service center crashes. Wrong system ID? I have what I have and I haven´t change anything on my 8 months old computer. I haven´t opened it once. And if you have authorization on 2 computers shouldn´t they accept whatever ID you have?
    I javen´t done anything and within 28 days I can´t do anything either if they don´t help me out.



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    Re: Registration madness

    I vote for some sort of a "dongle" the way Steinberg does it.
    That little USB stick has some ID in it and during registration another ID was inserted. Normally the copyright notices state that "one can only use this program on one computer" . So when I have another computer I can insert that stick into the other one. I doesn't violate the copyright notices, because I only have ONE stick.

    No problems with hardware changes of any kind. Easier!

    [and about the Zipcode: do they really want my zipcode to send me a christmas postcard?]

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    Re: Registration madness

    After several attempts and "webpage not available" [took me one hour to get connection] I succeeded getting a new registration.


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    Re: Registration madness

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond62
    After several attempts and "webpage not available" [took me one hour to get connection] I succeeded getting a new registration.

    You are lucky you!


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    Re: Registration madness


    You should file a support form on the NI site. I did so, because I can't load the Stradivarí 2 in Kontakt 2 ("Changed or invalid system ID"), even though it is registered and works in KP2. After a week I heard from NI support. They haven't fixed it yet, but at least I know, they are working on it.

    Or, if it is urgent, call them. Some say, they have excellent telephone support.

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    Re: Registration madness

    Thanks Nickie!

    I did so immediately when I tried to register the programs.
    Just angry that it should be so hard to register a program.
    Same thing last time, a different problems though, couldn´t open the
    Register Tool at all. And it took long time before I got an answer. I sent
    several requests.


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    Re: Registration madness

    ......also whenever I open these programs or Finale it pops up warnings that I haven´t registred these programs.

    Makes me feel like a criminal!


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