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Topic: tutorial videos?

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    tutorial videos?

    Has anyone produced any tutorial videos of Notion? I really want to like it, but I find the interface incredibly obtuse. I'm a Sibelius user, and while I love the interface, I'd like to have a tighter integration between notation and good sounds than the Sibelius -> EWQLSO route I'm currently taking. While that obviously sounds great, I can't get all markings to translate into articulation changes given the way Sibelius' dictionary works.

    Thanks in advance.

    - foxc

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    Re: tutorial videos?

    Was there anything in particular that you were struggling with? Most comments we receive about our entry method are quite favorable. What about it did you find obtuse?

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    Re: tutorial videos?

    If I may briefly interject, I found that once I started using the keyboard shortcuts for the notes/rests and just looked carefully at the articulations, etc... everything went all the more faster. Now, I've never used Sibelius, but I have used Finale (and still use Finale SongWriter for other projects). I personally, like the layout of Notion, but realize someone coming from another program may have a different experience, as it can all run together, it seems.


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    Re: tutorial videos?

    Thanks for the replies. And I'm all for keyboard shortcuts. Here are some examples:

    Note entry: Is there any way to "type" notes? I know I can set duration (E for eighth, Q for quarter, etc), but what about pitch? I happen to like Sibelius' method of this (numeric keypad for accidentals and durations, letters for pitches). Is there a similar keyboard-only way to type a line? For example, to have a quarter D#, followed by eighths E and F#, followed by quarter Bb and A, in Sibelius, I'd type 4 8 d 3 e 8 f 9 4 b a -- and neither hand leaves its position on the keyboard. In Notion, though, the best I have worked out is q (click) 3 (click) e (click) (click) 3 (click) q (click) 2 (click) q (click). That's 15 Notion operations vs 11 in Sibelius, and because I don't need to use the mouse in Sibelius, it's far faster than just 11 vs 15 (clicking in the right place takes longer than typing a key).

    One I'm really struggling with is selecting notes. Let's say I have a triad and I want to move one pitch. How do I do that? I'm surprised I haven't found it -- I'm normally good at software (I'm a software engineer, after all!). Or lets say I have a line of triads and I want to drop the highest pitch on each triad by one octave. In Sibelius, I hold down Ctrl, click on the notes, then hit the down arrow. In Notion, I can't even figure out how to select a single note and do something to it.

    Is there an online version of the keyboard shortcut reference? I recently moved and I haven't found that box yet...

    Thanks again. Just the note selection thing would get me a long way.

    - foxc

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    Re: tutorial videos? [& keyboard shortcuts]

    I second foxc: NOTION's user interface is incredibly obtuse in certain respects. Not only are there too little keyboard shortcuts – every nested menu option should have one! – but many of them are even not working on the German keyboard. And there is no means for user definable keyboard shortcuts – a feature which every advanced software program has. Another horror is text editing in NOTION, particularly with the Titles and Text tool (e.g. Dedication, Date, Copyright, Printing/Edition appear on all pages instead on the first one only). And I see no possibility to create a front page/title page. Selecting and deleting of individual notes, symbols, expressions is a nightmare – or even impossible.

    If NOTION's user interface would only be as good as its sound interface!

    Hansen (from Hamburg)

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    Re: tutorial videos?

    I agree completely with the concerns about the text entry tools. For me, that has been the weakest part of the program -- along with some printing issues. The only real note entry difficuty I have encountered is with the tuplet function, which occasionaly wants to crash to desktop. When I am using them I am extra careful to save my work almost note to note. However, that has happened only once or twice.

    Deleting things usually goes smoothly for me, however, when doing a complex passage with a large gathering of notes and articulations and other items etc... things can become tricky. Other than that I have been happy with how my program has worked -- and sounded. I thought Notion may be a resourse hog of sorts but my machines -- both of them are any thing but new. I wish you guys luck in working these things out.


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    Re: tutorial videos?

    I just want to clarify, by "obtuse" I mean definition 2.b.: "difficult to comprehend". I might be the one lacking keen intellect here

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    Re: tutorial videos?

    Thanks for your comments. I'm going to take some time to formulate a comprehensive response, because I think you guys deserve that.

    By the way, there is a chart with the keyboard shortcuts under Help, or you can hit F2 to see it.

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    Re: tutorial videos?

    bump, and...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Windsor
    By the way, there is a chart with the keyboard shortcuts under Help, or you can hit F2 to see it.
    Any easy way to print it out (without doing a screengrab which will print rather unfortunately)?


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    Tuplets and Notion Support

    I agree with Hawksong that entering tuplets is dicey at best. Printing issues, keyboard shortcuts and such are important, but tuplet entry has to do with the actual composition; all the other issues are cosmetic.

    I have read all the support info on tuplet entry and have contacted and received Notion support about tuplet entry. I still have a lot of trouble with them.

    Especially when I use polyrhythms, tuplets tend to crash Notion. If the software doesn't crash, then oftentimes scores are littered with 'red notes', even when I know mathematically that they are not outside the time signature.

    Even after a successful tuplet entry, there are usually still problems as the software oftentimes won't allow regular non-tuplet notes to be entered in the remaining notes of a bar. Instead, Notion creates gobblety-gook notes with incorrect notes and rests.

    Needless to say, I find this frustrating! One piece was so badly marred by tuplets that the program crashed repeatedly and I can not seem to fix it, or even open the file to try to edit it without the file crashing. I sent the file to Notion, but nothing came of it.

    I have been using Notion exclusively since May 2005. In the beginning, the support was just excellent--issues were resolved, queries answered and problems fixed. Now it seems that the support people are overwhelmed. No attempt has been made to fix the tuplet errors in the file or to explain to me how I can possibly fix the errors myself.

    Composers of today are very likely to use polyrhythmic devices or complex rhythms with which to compose. The tuplet interface doesn't seem to work reliably enough for me to use it with confidence, and needs to be replaced or fixed.

    What is the purpose of Notion support? In the beginning it seemed to me that the purpose was to address both user and software issues. Notion support was excellent! However, I have many unresolved issues lately, despite sending files into Notion when crashes occur. Notion support these days seems to exclusively address software issues and I seem to get no support with fixing or addressing issues in personal files as they arise.

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