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Topic: SONAR 5 Synth Rack and Plug-in help

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    SONAR 5 Synth Rack and Plug-in help

    O.K. I now have audio. I needed to copy the Garritan VST folder w/.dll into the SONAR 5 VST folder, then run the VST Configuration Wizard.

    Two questions:

    1. This time when opening the GLindsay1.cwp file, I got this annoying message that instruments could not be found or something. I had to click O.K. several times before the file opened. I then proceeded to load the KONTAKT player and instruments. Shouldn't the instruments load automatically when I open the file?

    2. I was not able to make use of the drum bus. The meter was showing no audio going to that bus. I tried most everything. Should it be receiving an audio signal? I do hear the drums, but they are very soft. Adjusting the volume and trim in the tracks did nothing.

    Hi all,

    1. I opened GLindsay1.cwp in SONAR 5 PE.

    2. Missing Plug-Ins:
    Garritan JazzVST (SynthRack)
    Garritan JazzVST (SynthRack)
    Garritan JazzVST (SynthRack)
    Garritan JazzVST (SynthRack)

    3. Clicked OK

    4. Synth Rack - All 4 Connection State Buttons are red: "Synth is Disconnected"

    5. Clicked the insert button on the synth rack. A drop down menu appeared. I loaded Gary Garritan-Jazz Big Band.

    6. I loaded Alto Sax 1.

    7. Clicked play. No audio. Connection State Button is still red.

    8. Umm...what is wrong?

    In SONAR 4 PE I always loaded the Garritan KONTAKT player into the FX BIN and got audio. I never used the Synth Rack.

    Do I need to configure SONAR 4 and 5 for VSTi instruments? Yes. I fixed that problem just now using the VST Configuration Wizard.

    What files should be present and in what directories/folders for this .cwp file to work? I fixed this as well. SONAR 5 needed the Garritan VST .dll.

    I'll leave this post in case anyone else runs into the same newbie problems.
    Last edited by Chet Heflin; 11-05-2006 at 04:17 PM. Reason: I now have audio!

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