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Topic: Quote sugestions

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    Quote sugestions

    Hi Guys

    Just a quick post, Ive been approached about doing an audio project for a company that run certain exhibitions in europe, they want me to provide a 3 hour soundtrack (3 x 60 mins sections) a mixture of music, soudscapes and sfx) its played in areas where staff are present so cannot be repetitive else they will go insane, I also have to layer some voice tracks over the finished music.

    has anyone got a ball park figure in mind is should aim for, this is new terroitry for me completely, any advice at all will be appreciated.


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    Re: Quote sugestions

    I could be mistaken as I have no first hand experience but in the States computer game music is at around 1200-1500$ per finished minute of music. At least I've read so.

    Just take into account the time you will 'waste' on that project and see what you would be getting otherwise. Plus check about tight deadlines. It goes without saying that if they want 3 hours of music/sfx in a weeks time, they should be willing to pay more than usual.

    Please do wait for others to post as well, though. I don't have first hand experience.

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