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Topic: Line 6 Gearbox-Plugin

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    Line 6 Gearbox-Plugin


    I've got to admit being a guitar player, this item caught my eye even though I am not a big Line 6 fan. I would appreciate any feedback from owners of Gearbox Gold.



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    Re: Line 6 Gearbox-Plugin

    Hi. Guitar-rig2 by Native Instruments.If you don't like the Line6 stuff you won't like the gearbox. It is all the stuff from the PODXT line as well as the model packs and all the Bass POD stuff as well as some models of a few studio pre-amps. I had the toneport UX2. It didn't play friendly at all with my firewire running also on a mac. Also perhaps the new version is usb2. The toneport is usb1. I love my PODXT thru Guitar rig2.Also the gearbox gold thing only comes with a Guitar DI thing.The UX2 has phantom power and 2 XLR jacks. You may want to check out the Guitar combo item From NI. You can find it in one of the online music stores for like $59. It has 3 amps as well as FX. Vox.Fender Plexi. If you go to the NI site you can download a demo of GR2 and also watch a video of the Guitar combo thing being shown at namm or something. GR2 is way more flexible than the L-6 stuff. I mean WAY MORE.So if you don't like the Line6 stuff. Check out GR2.It is an amazing piece. JON

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    Re: Line 6 Gearbox-Plugin

    Thanks Jon,

    Went on NI site and the demos sound really good, better than Gearbox.
    Since I have K2 and EW samples and am real happy with them. I'm putting it on my xmas list.

    Thanks for the heads up,


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    be sure to check at Digital Audio Networx www.da-x.de for a good price regardless if you chose NI or Digi.

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