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Topic: Gigapulse in GVI

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    Gigapulse in GVI

    Hi all:

    Is the Gigapulse included with GVI a limited version like Gigapulse SP in GS3 Ensemble/solo? Or is a full one like in GS3 Orchestra? Can work as an VST?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Gigapulse in GVI

    Its only for embedded impulses ... i.e. it is not the full version. You only get the impulses if the instrument developers added it to the instruments.

    However I have noticed that when you load an instrument with gigapulse embedded that the gigpulse file is "stacked" into your channel.

    I have found that I can remove the main instrument (say a church organ) leaving behind the impulse. I then stack a new instrument, and it can enjoy the benefit of the impulse.

    Not sure if this is an over-site which they wil tighten up on.
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    Re: Gigapulse in GVI

    Tascam also sells a VST version of GigaPulse. It's the way to go, if you plan to use GVI and want GigaPulse as an overall ambience.

    GigaPulse stacked with an instrument is great for resonance associated with the instrument. (For instance, pedal down piano resonance, or the body of a Giga Violin.) However, if you want a large number of instruments in the same hall, it's not really efficient to use an instance of GigaPulse per GVI instrument for a large arrangement.

    For an example of how to use GigaPulse efficiently in GS3, check out the tutorial that I wrote: http://tascamgiga.com/gp/intro.html

    If you were to use GigaPulse VST in your DAW, the routing details would be a bit different, but the concepts remain the same.

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    Smile Re: Gigapulse in GVI

    In our new product MUSE we actually tied all of our impulses to gigs without any instruments in them.

    This allows the user to stack any of our instruments with any of our impulses.

    It's pretty cool!
    Al Joelson

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    Re: Gigapulse in GVI

    Ok, thanks for your answers.

    So, Must i understand that if i load a piano without impulses embebed in it I won´t be able to use that piano sound whith the convolution of, for example, Gigapiano II(resonance)?, that´s what now happens with GS3 Ensemble.

    Sincerely i don´t know what to invest:

    1.- Upgrade my ensemble to Orchestra. (I don´t see the benefits of upgrade in a plattform that perhaps Tascam discontinue in the near future,and its 200$+shipping)( I would have Gigapulse only while i had a computer with GS3, Can´t use in my DAW if Tascam decide to stop development).

    2.- Upgrade my Ensemble to GVI. ( I don´t see the benefits of having gigastudio doing now the kind of things that other samplers has been doing for years...Is really GVI a competitive product in 2006?).

    3.- Buy Gigapulse VST. Getting it integrated in my DAW but being less integrate with GS3 that Gigapulse Pro.

    4.- ...or not upgrade at all. Amateurs like me ( with amateur pocket) have no place in Tascam policy, better invest in other sampler now than one year after. The problem is that i really like Gigastudio and its concept of open plattform.

    Please don´t misunderstand my message but i fell all this like a mess and really don´t know what to do.

    Regards and thanks in advance for your advices or opinions.


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    Re: Gigapulse in GVI

    Quote Originally Posted by sanna
    ...I don´t see the benefits of upgrade in a plattform that perhaps Tascam discontinue in the near future...
    There is no way that Tascam will abandon GigaStudio for GVI. GVI does not support editing. Tascam *must* develop a next version of GS3 if they plan to stay in the sampler market - and everything indicates that they have no plans to leave.

    With Vista complete (business versions ship soon), we can assume that the next version of GS3 will be 64-bits. What we don't know is whether the new version will be Kernel-based or not. To be honest, it makes a bid difference for the programmers, but little difference for the users - as long as it's reliable and fast.

    I guess that it would be possible for GVI and GS3 to evolve into a single platform with home and pro versions. But it really doesn't matter. The main issue is that it should continue to support your existing libraries and features while adding even more performance and capabilities.

    The bottom line is that fear of discontinuation should not be a factor in your decision. There's nothing to indicate that Tascam plans to stop development of the platform.

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