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Topic: Hi to you all

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    Hi to you all

    I'm new to this forum. I got here because I'm looking for users of the instrument
    "Kick-~~~ Brass" from AMG. I use it as a VST plugin with Sonar 6 Prod. and I was wondering if there were anybody else out there who got it, and how they set it up and use it. It sounds great for the music I make ( old fashion Rhythm & Blues / Soul kinda stuff).


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    Re: Hi to you all

    I like it a lot. I use it w/Garritan JABB and EWQL brass. Alone, it's just fine w/ R&B although I must say the JABB alone sounds a lot like James Brown Horn section.

    AMG has no keyswitching so one needs to work a bit harder, but it's a great value.

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    Re: Hi to you all

    Thanx for the reply Art. I agree. It's a lot of work, though rewarding in the end
    because of the great sound quality. How do you work around the missing
    key switching. Do you work (like me) on the notes (rips, falls, shakes etc.) in the piano view or...do you have a smarter /faster way of getting what you want?


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