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Topic: GPO in Cubase 4

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    GPO in Cubase 4

    Hi everyone,
    recently upgraded to Cubase 4 which was a good move EXCEPT that it seems to have forgotten that I have GPO installed. I don't really want to re-install, anybody else had this problem and how did you fix it?
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: GPO in Cubase 4

    I was just reading on the Cubase forum that CB4 does not support Direct X, which is what my GPO shows up in Cubase SX2. I would check it out asap. Is there a work around for the interface? I'll keep searching for answers, as I would like to upgrade to CB4, too. Ciao, jt

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    Re: GPO in Cubase 4

    Uh - what are you talking about? GPO should be installed as a VSTi if it's going to be hosted by Cubase.

    Check to see if you have more than one path to the player plugin. If you have more than one install path, then it won't recognize either within the application. Check out the Devices>>Plug-in Information setup window and see if you have GPO listed - if not then you either have it installed in a path that C4 does not recognize, or you have more than one instance of the plug-in in your VSTi path(s) and Cubase will throw up its hands and list neither.
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