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Topic: The Evergreen State

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    The Evergreen State

    It's been a bit on the wet side in western washington lately. I hope everyone here is playing it safe on the roads as in slow down and don't try any puddle jumping.

    It's the green state on the NOA map right now.

    It looks like it could be flooding on Oscar's Island even and it's in the Garden of Eden rain shadow.

    Oops, I wasn't suppose to tell anybody about that.

    Oscar use to be a killer but he has been in therapy and is now quite friendly.

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    Re: The Evergreen State

    It's been wet and windy down here in Southwest Washington as well. I'm glad that my house is on high, stable ground.

    The Oregon coast roads have taken quite a beating as well with mudslides and high water. The pineapple express is in full force.

    Here in Washington State everything is going to be fine. (The Seahawks won!)

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    Re: The Evergreen State

    Oscar's Island is very wet.... whales all around

    "Thar she blows!" ... ...

    In a last, desperate effort,
    he throws one more harpoon at Moby Dick.

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    Re: The Evergreen State

    Well, not very wet yet, but the annual collapse of hillsides, precipices and roads is already under way.


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