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Topic: Aftertouch - cc131?

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    Aftertouch - cc131?


    I read in the manual I could replace aftertouch by controller 131 - which I thought is non existent as cc numbers end at 127 ?

    It would be nice to get a hint how to achieve that

    Thanks and

    Best wishes

    Uli Reuter
    film composer, Germany

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    Re: Aftertouch - cc131?

    CC# 131 exists as a virtual controller on some M-Audio keyboards. You can assign it to a slider to be used instead of the Aftertouch, the keyboard doesn't support.

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    Re: Aftertouch - cc131?


    Some keyboards - I think mainly from M-Audio - have the functionality of assigning different sliders and knobs to control various CC#'s.

    To assign aftertouch to a slider with an M-Audio keyboard, you assign (using the keyboard functions, not doing anything in your DAW of JABB) CC#131 to that slider - I think this is just an M-Audio CC reference that doesn't really mean anything other than telling the M-Audio keyboard to transmit aftertouch information if that particular slider is moved.

    EDIT: Nickie, you posted whilst I was still writing - I think your response is much clearer than mine
    Richard N.

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    Re: Aftertouch - cc131?

    thank you both

    Uli Reuter
    film composer, Germany

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    Re: Aftertouch - cc131?

    Quote Originally Posted by Uli Reuter
    thank you both

    May I add my thanks, as I too have often wonder about that.
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