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Topic: Musical Theatre

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    Musical Theatre

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    This is my second attempt at a first post.

    I was wondering if anyone has every recorded the music for a musical using sampled sounds, and then used that recording as the music for the show, instead of using live musicians. Is it against the rules of the companies that rent the shows, and do they put that stuff in their contracts? I'm considering VSL as my sampled sound source. I'm the musical director at a university, and as you may know, getting the theatre and music departments to colaborate on a project is a major headache. Any thoughts, ideas?


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    David Brown
    Musical Director

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    Re: Musical Theatre

    Is it against the rules of the companies that rent the shows
    I'm confuse, i was under the impression this was a school project
    If it is so you're not renting anything right?...Anyway, i don't think there are rulls against using samples live...None that I've heard off.

    I think VSL would be ideal for this kind of work, the instrument being recorded close, they would then resonnate in that room as a reel instrument would...I'd be interessted to know what others think about that...

    P.S. It takes what people call ''midi skills'' to emulate an orchestra with samples. It's more that just puting the note in a score program...I just tough you shoul no that. You will need to import that in a sequencer and tweak a little..

    I hope that was helpfull.

    Good luck with your project!

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