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Topic: Suggestions on Rock Band Samples?

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    Suggestions on Rock Band Samples?

    Hello all. This is the first time I'm posting here, so it's nice to meet your aquaintance!

    I'm currently writing a piece for Rock Band and Orchestra and am in need of some GOOD samples that encompass the possibilities of a Rock Band.

    I looked at some VSL stuff (they have one good electric guitar library) and some others, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any products that have the whole band lumped into one set. Not so much for money reasons as for logistics so I don't have to search all over (unsuccessfully thus far) for good libraries of each instrument. Thanks so much! Oh! And I should mention that it would have to be compatible with Gigastudio. Thanks so much!

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    Re: Suggestions on Rock Band Samples?

    Bela D produced a lib called "Studio B," which has a special lite version of the Lyrical Distortion guitar, an acoustic bass, and a few drum kits.

    I write symphonic metal all the time, and for the "metal" part of my virtual band, I use Prominy's LPC and Bela D's Lyrical Distortion for my electric guitars, Scarbee's Slap 'n Finger lib for e-bass, and Toontrack's Drumkit from Hell Superior for my rhythm tracks. Those are all top-of-the-line libraries. Doesn't get any better, at least for now.

    Although Chris Hein's new guitar lib looks pretty sweet... but I don't know much about it. Too swamped in work to keep up with all the latest and greatest...

    The "VSL" of guitar libs is the Prominy one. Extremely detailed - still not every articulation obviously, but a damn bunch of 'em. You can write more or less any guitar line you can think up in your head with LPC.

    LPC and Lyrical Distortion are both available for Gigastudio I believe, although you lose the awesome real-time playing power of the custom Kontakt scripts. Scarbee also has a GS version of the bass lib, I think. And DFHS is its own plug-in with an internal sampler.

    I don't use GS, but Larry Seyer's drum library is heavily praised (it's a GS-only lib), so check out his demo's as well.


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    Smile Re: Suggestions on Rock Band Samples?

    Welcome John!

    For Giga:

    You really owe it to yourself to look at Larry Seyer's Drums.

    Go to his site. Download the free .pdf manual and look at it. It's a comprehensive manual for a comprehensive approach to drumming. (Components, velocities, hit zones, live MIDI's, kit soundstage, etc.)

    The more you read, the more you will be blown away.

    Note that you need GigaStudio 3 (Orchestra lets you do more things) or GVI (the VST plugin) for LSD.

    For electric bass, the 2 Scarbee bases.

    For electric guitar look at Prominy LPC. Note that there are 2 versions (probably a package discount if you buy both): clean and distorted.

    If you decide to buy only 1, I suggest you look at the clean version. Then you can add the distortion, post-performance, using a plugin or hardware like a POD.

    If you're just in the planning stages, and are going to acquire the samples piece-meal, here's a heads up:

    Kip, the guy from Bardstown Audio, had a thread awhile back about a prospective guitar library. I don't know what he decided, or how far away such a library is, but Bardstown makes first-rate sample libraries.

    Finally, (somewhat OT) since you're using Giga, go to Tascam and click on GigaPulse. There's a GigaPulse tutorial there by Jon Fairhurst. If you work through it, you'll learn a cool way to place your drums, bass, guitar, etc. in a soundstage, without having a room full of computers.


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    Re: Suggestions on Rock Band Samples?

    I would also - actually, I DO- go with DFHS Superior, Lyrical Distortion and the Scarbee Slap'n'Tickle- er, Slap'n'Fingered J-Bass. The Larry Seyer drums do sound terrific from what I know, but the variety of sounds and full mix-ability of Superior is incomparable. And since it will live as a VST in your sequencing environment, you'll have more resources in GS3. The Seyer drums depend heavily on GigaPulse and that's a CPU eater. Again, LPC is an amazing library but for me LD is much faster to work with and intuitive to play in real time, as opposed to programming. However the advice about going with a clean version for flexibility is a good one- Bela D. is going to release a clean version shortly. Actually, if the budget allows I would say get both Prominy and LD but LD is my personal choice and I'm happy with it.

    We all seem to agree on the bass

    If you check out my Soundclick link in the sig there are lots of songs I've done using that basic setup. (Although the Scarbee bass is only on the "Do Not See Me Rabbit" pieces; the rest of the bass was done before and is basically just a keyboard patch).

    Oh, and if you are going very budget minded and want a great all-in-one package that won't break you Studio B will do you right. The bass incidentally is an acoustic/electric bass, so it doesn't sound like an upright. It will work in rock.

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    Re: Suggestions on Rock Band Samples?

    Quote Originally Posted by FredProgGH
    ...The Larry Seyer drums do sound terrific from what I know, but the variety of sounds and full mix-ability of Superior is incomparable. And since it will live as a VST in your sequencing environment, you'll have more resources in GS3. The Seyer drums depend heavily on GigaPulse and that's a CPU eater.
    I'm just now taking a break from working with Larry's drums, I don't own DFHS, but I've just been thinking that LSAD's variety of sounds and mixability are incomparible. LOL.

    You can run LSAD in GS3 or GVI as a VST. It's true that LSAD relies heavily on GigaPulse, but it's quite efficient with the CPU as impulses go. For normal use you only need one impulse per kit, which only takes about 5% to 15% with a modern CPU. (I'm running a two year old A64 3000+ and it takes 13% for the "Empirical Ambience" impulse I've got going.)

    The bottom line is that you can make great music with either lib. They're two great contenders.

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    Re: Suggestions on Rock Band Samples?

    From what I've heard, Larry's drums do sound absolutely terrific and I don't think anyone could go wrong with them. I just like Superior (plus C&V's) selection of drums and cymbals- there's dozens of each- plus the ability to render real virtual mic tracks for mixing. The Seyer drums, OTOH, are beautifully sampled and make full use of Gigapulse like probably nothing else to create different sounds and environments, which is a great tool. I hope I can get it one day and add it to the arsenal- can't have too many drums!! So yeah, I agree that neither would make a bad choice, and for staying exclusively in the GS3 domain Larry is the only choice!!

    Well, actually, there's also the new Scarbee mo-betta Imperial drums- anyone using them??

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    Re: Suggestions on Rock Band Samples?

    Most of my original sentiments have been echoed here, and that's good. I love my libraries quite a bit - fantastic tools. Invaluable. You simply can't go wrong with any of this advice!

    Owning both LPC and LD, I'd have to say that while LD is a fine library and a lot of fun to play with, LPC sounds better to my ears and plays just as nicely. There is a Super Performance Multi for LPC and it combines tons of the most popular articulations into an easy-to-use keyswitched multi. It's really fun to shred on that thing... LD is difficult to re-amp (it's entirely possible though; Theo Krueger does it often enough), but its list of articulations cover all the basic necessities, and it can be enhanced with a few choice scripts.

    I use them together - mostly LD for rhythm, and LPC for lead work due to the more extensive list of articulations and sonic flexibility of the clean samples. I use the LPC distorted lib as well as the clean one... re-amping LPC's distorted samples isn't very hard. They're identical other than one being amped and the other not, and they sound different enough that the distorted lib is useful for coaxing a "new" sound out out LPC - sort of like how some piano libraries have various "patches" for the same piano, usually with different filters and other processing applied to the same raw samples.

    Anyway, just stickin' up for Prominy there. They have a "super playable" multi too, and it's just as easy and fun to play as Bela's.


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    Re: Suggestions on Rock Band Samples?

    Thanks so much for all of your suggestions! It's nice to be a newbie to a board, ask a question, and not get bombarded with lots of people that try to exclude you from the site!

    Can't thank you guys enough! I've looked at everything you've suggested and I'm going to consider which ones to get. The bass samples will be simple enough to decide ;-). Thanks again!

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