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Topic: Slightly OT: VSL/various questions

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    Red face Whatabout ERs and VSL?

    Questions about early reflections and vsl:

    (Opus 1, Kontakt 2.11 user, only freeware IRs so far)

    1. Do the vsl samples include early reflections, and how do you deal with it (when adding reverb)?

    2. Do you use a fade in on the hall IRs to get rid of their ERs? (since vsl samples already got enough ER?

    3. Do you use IRs of both early reflections (ER) and "hall" type reverbs? Scoring stage IRs?

    4. do you set predelay for only the ERs?

    5. What is a scoring stage? (reverb-time, early reflections, usage of IR?)

    6. OT: When using stereo IRs, not true stereo, is there any difference if monoizing of the dry sound is done before or after sending to the convolution reverb? Is it best to send monoized sound to the stereo ir reverb? Does it really matter? (I´m asking since I want to monoize the dry sound in the host, Cubase SL, instead of in Kontakt2, since I think it consumes less cpu.

    Feel free to give your comments on my newbie questions.

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    Re: Slightly OT: VSL/various questions

    Johnny, you could ask your questions on our dedicated VSL-forum, too, and see if you get more replies there.

    -> www.vsl.co.at/forum


    -> www.vsl.co.at/forum/index.php (for the full-screen version).

    The "Mixing and PostPro"-forum over there could be a good place for this topic.


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    Re: Slightly OT: VSL/various questions


    the best guy on the planet to answer your questions (Dietz) just did, so follow along and you will find your answers.

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    Re: Slightly OT: VSL/various questions

    Thanx alot, Dietz! Will write there. Had some problem before searching the forum for the things I asked about. Starting a new thread might give better results.

    You´re probably right dpc! Thanx.

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    Re: Slightly OT: VSL/various questions

    Yes, I know - there seems to be a problem with the "Search"-function of our forum since quite some time now ... :-/ ... that's why I try to keep certain threads in mind and link to them manually whenever someone asks a related question ... 8-]

    PS ... thanks for giving those kudos to me, Dave [blush]

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    Re: Slightly OT: VSL/various questions

    There seems to be a problem registering on your forum too, I´m afraid. Tried with two different emailadresses now. I dont blame that on you Dietz, though.

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