Gary and team, just want to congradulate you once again on my own use of GPO. I've spent the last week working on a fireworks presentation for a client of mine. He's written music that will be performed live with a track for a fireworks show in Orlando next month. It's a BIG full orchestra. Starting off we were on such a deadline it didn't look like we were going to be able to add any live instruments to the recordings. So I dug deep into my most expensive libraries to pull up the best I could come up with. I literally spent hours tweaking as much as I could as quick as I could to get the most realism. In the end I learned a few things:

- GPO is hands down the most user friendly easy to perform library on the market. Not one single exception to date.

- GPO mixes better than any other library with real instruments (we ended up overdubbing 4 string players to add some life, and some trumpets and trombones and GPO mixed better with the real instruments because of the rounded tones)

- GPO doesn't kill my CPU resources like the other libraries.

- GPO actually has all the same articulations for each of the instruments (I'm shocked and offended that libraries costing 3x more money only have vln trems for Vlns1. And various articulations are spread across the sections. With GPO there's not a lot of articulations, but they're even! I have Vln1 Trem, AND vln 2 Trem.)

In the end I used GPO for all my wood winds and my client (while impressed with all the samples I used) said tonight "you know that clarinet is so convincing I'd bet it was real". That was GPO.

I used GPO to fatten other string libraries because they weren't cutting it.

I used the solo strings in GPO because they were the only complete set available despite my purchase of several other expensive libraries.

I used GPO Horns to add body and realism to my other horn lib that I paid way more to get (I didn't want to redo everything so I just mixed in GPO)

In the end there are certainly a few short comings with GPO, but it is the best orchestra investment I have ever made. Hands down. Despite my investment into several libraries and collections totaling several thousand dollars, GPO may be the only collection that has truly paid for itself.

And to bring it full circle - I want to say thanks for providing these tools. If I could have had GPO in my hands when I was in college I'd be 15 years down the road in my experience. You've truly given a great gift to the music community. Thanks again.