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Topic: Vista is now RTM

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    Vista is now RTM


    it's official, Windows Vista is RTM.


    Vista final: 6000.16386.061101-2205.

    Just hope that we will get vista audio drivers soon for all professional audio cards.


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    Re: Vista is now RTM

    Hear hear! (E-Mu, are you listening?)

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    Re: Vista is now RTM

    point of curiousity (from someone who only upgraded from Win2K when Cakewalk and Tascam held a gun to his head)...

    how many people will upgrade from WinXP to Vista when it comes out?

    my plan is to wait a while to see if it really works for digital audio...
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: Vista is now RTM

    I'll be dual-booting for a couple years, I'm sure, as my only reason to go to Vista will be the full 64 bit Monty. Can't imagine it will be a very pleasant experience for quite some time for running a DAW - at least until there is reasonable support all-around. I'd love to be pleasantly surprised though. I just imagine not being able to use all of my hosts, plugins, and supporting apps in 64 bit Vista until sometime in 2008. Not anyone's fault here really - 64 bit will just take some time to happen. I will be trying it right away in the dual boot though.

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