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Topic: Stylus / Total REX?

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    Stylus / Total REX?


    I'm leaning towards Stylus as my drum solution for Sonar 5. I'm also considering getting Total REX to suplement it, as it would be great to make Stylus a bit of an all-in-one rhythm solution.

    My main questions are:
    1) How well does Stylus work with material other than drums? Will REX loops of bass, piano/organ and horns be just as groovy? How is pitch and key handled?

    2) Along with that, how's Total REX in general? Does its material make a good fit for Stylus? I was also looking at Nine Volt Audio's Stylin' Basslines, which claims to be made specially for Stylus.

    Any help is much appreciated - thanks in advance!

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    Re: Stylus / Total REX?


    RMX is completely comfortable with tonal material....in fact, I'd say it shines with it. One move of a slider and you can adjust pitch up or down two octaves. The speed is what is so convenient. It's realtime. And with the Chaos Designer, it can improvise on tonal material which is TOTALLY cool. Check out the "Trumpolin" demo ( http://www.spectrasonics.net/instrum...rmx/demos.html ) to hear RMX improvising the trumpet from E-Lab's Smoking Lounge REX lib.

    There are other features within RMX like "Edit Groups" that allow very interesting pitch possibilities---you can assign any slices of the REX file to be at the pitches of your choosing while leaving others untouched.....there are many possibilities and they all sound great because you're only pitch shifting small slices---not entire loops.

    PS (For the record, I beta tested RMX)

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    Re: Stylus / Total REX?

    Well, that's what I wanted to hear then!

    And that continues the "can't find a bad word about Stylus anywhere" trend, as well. cool!

    Thanks for the response Gabe; Spectrasonics owes you a commission cuz you just made a sale! I'll keep hunting for reviews of Total REX and such, but it looks like this plan is a good one. Just need to keep saving up the ducats...

    thanks again,

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    Re: Stylus / Total REX?

    Total Rex is okay. When I got it I was really excited to have all those rex files but going through them, there's really not a lot of them that I can use, at least for what I am doing. And most of the loops sound really choppy if you try to bring the tempo much below the original, and some just weren't sliced very well.

    You might be better off spending your money on some of the SAGE expanders, which I find to be 1000 times more useful, fidelity and composition wise. I use liquid grooves in nearly every track I do and backbeat is supposed to be great for more acoustic drums (the ones that come with RMX tend to be a little processed for my taste.)

    The ninevolt stuff is great too, especially the ones that are "designed for RMX" or whatever. Very useful for tonal stuff.

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    Re: Stylus / Total REX?

    I have to agree. Total Rex is somewhat of a mixed bag.
    Sure its a bargain to get so many loops for so little money but you need to take in account the time that it will take to pick the cherries.
    Plus it definetly shows how incredibly superior the spectrasonics xpanders sound when it comes to slowing down the tempo.
    The only other stuff in the same ballpark are the Ninevoltaudio libs.
    Drums and percussion from the xpanders plus guitar and bass from 9volt makes a killer combo!


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    Re: Stylus / Total REX?

    Thanks for the insight into Total REX guys. =)

    I can't say I'm surprised; any huge sample library is bound to be a mixed bag. The bottom line is the good/bad ratio, and it sounds like Total REX's ratio might not be up to snuff! Pitty though, cuz I like the idea of having a wide pallet of non-drum/bass instruments...

    I definitely plan on getting NineVolt's Bass library, but I don't think that has any upright stuff, so I'm not sure how to handle that. And then I'll save up for the Retro-Funk expander. I do jazzy groovy hip-hop funky stuff mostly. Skippy's Beats was recommended for the more hip-hop stuff, though I'm sure plenty of stuff will be already there in the core library!

    One final little quesiton: I assume you can convert in Stylus in batches? I can't imagine converting ten gigs of loops file-by-file or even folder-by-folder!

    Thanks again for all the help. I'll try and return the favor around here if I can!

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    Re: Stylus / Total REX?

    In answer to your question, yes you can convert as many or as few rex files as you would like.

    And maybe not in your budget right now, but the upright acoustic bass in Trilogy is outstanding, not to mention everything else in there.

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    Re: Stylus / Total REX?

    there are a couple of electric upright elements in Stylin basslines.
    if you need more you should look at Akoustic Bass hitz
    but again thats a bit of a mixed bag. some of the loops sound cool others are a bit whacky and experimental.
    plus they too suffer from artifacts when you slow them down.
    the only stuff that doesnt is the original Spectrasonics stuff and the BPMflex stuff from 9voltaudio.

    xpanders and stylin basslines already come in the rmx format-no need to convert.

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    Re: Stylus / Total REX?

    Thanks for the link Hans, I'll check it out. =)

    Trilogy seems very nice, and like Stylus I don't think I've ever read a cross word about it. My issue with it is that I'm not a keyboard player (not much of one anyways), so I wouldn't be able to do the sounds justice. From what I gather, it is not a bass "groove machine" like Stylus, more a sound module?

    I'm hoping the core Stylus library with the Nine Volt bass library will be enough to get things happening while I learn my way around...then I can save up for some SAGE expanders!


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    Re: Stylus / Total REX?

    Quote Originally Posted by jamester
    Thanks for the response Gabe; Spectrasonics owes you a commission cuz you just made a sale!
    Hi Jamester.

    Glad the info was helpful. hehe no commission needed.

    I'll chime in with everyone else and say the Nine Volt content is cool and works well in RMX--flexible over many tempos.


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