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Topic: QLSO vs QLSO Pro

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    QLSO vs QLSO Pro

    Could someone explain what the big upgrade is into Pro vs. the standard QLSO? I can see they've added Legato for the strings - which is something I think should have naturally been included in the standard version. Any other input on this? Thanks


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    Re: QLSO vs QLSO Pro

    They've added a lot of repetitions(RR), 2x 3x 6x uf to 8 rep for some instruments and are easy to use being RR...

    They also added all kinds of articulations depending on the instrument. Art. for strings like lyr, grand det,...i cant remember the rest right now...

    I think the regular content is a little more polish in XP, meaning they have done some re-editing...

    They have added a smaller violin sec of 4 violin...

    The gold user get the best deal cause they get the art. missing from the first (platinum) release as a bonus kind of...

    I think xp is more a complet product so if you're happy with the regular content i think xp is worth getting, espacialy on sale.

    So in the end, much more repetitions and some nice art.

    P.S. I had a few problem with xp at first but have found some good work around...

    Not sure what others think tho...

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    Re: QLSO vs QLSO Pro

    WhenI got XP, it made the library about 5 times as useful as before. The original Gold was really lacking any kind of fast spicatto or marcatto. XP pretty much changed all of that. They also standardized all the keyswitchiing programs accross the board. It's very much worth the upgrade.


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    Re: QLSO vs QLSO Pro

    Ahhhh... good to hear. I've been half happy and half frustrated with Gold. So upgrading into XP obviously makes me think twice. My issue with the QLSO demos is they seem to work well for orginal stuff, but not always for playing parts that someone else has written. The horns in particular sound awesome on the demos, but I've been very frustrated getting some things to translate from a client's written score. I'l have to really consider if I should get the XP upgrade, but it sounds like maybe I should. Thanks


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