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Topic: GPO doesnot load Multis from Kontakt

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    GPO doesnot load Multis from Kontakt

    Hi all,

    I thought I can change multis from GPO in Kontakt or create new multis. But as I tried to load them in GPO, I got the message "This patch was generated by a newer version of kontakt. Please upgrade your copy to load the patch."

    I looked at NI, but there is no newer upgrade for the kontakt player. I have version

    What can I do to create new multis?


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    Re: GPO doesnot load Multis from Kontakt

    Nothing at the moment except create and play it with K2.

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    Re: GPO doesnot load Multis from Kontakt

    Thanks Nickie,

    That is disappointing. The problem is: The multis from GPO are not useful for me.

    So: Can anyone from the devellopement form GPO create some new multis, that can be used with the GPO player?


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    Re: GPO doesnot load Multis from Kontakt

    When GPO is released in the K2 player (about which there has been considerable discussion on the forum) then the library will be compatible with the full version of K2. Edited Multis should then load in the player.

    Until then, might I suggest building templates as song files in your sequencer or notation program of choice. This is a considerably more powerful way than Multis to approach commonly used configurations. As an example, a sequencer template can be built with instruments loaded, tracks labeled, MIDI assignments set, aux send/returns configured, etc. They can be customized to precisely the way you prefer to work and the instrumental combinations most useful to you.


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    Re: GPO doesnot load Multis from Kontakt

    Or downgrade to Kontakt 1.5 - then you can create new multis, etc for the current player. Who knows you may be able to charge NI a downgrading fee.

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    Re: GPO doesnot load Multis from Kontakt

    Thanks Tom, thanks LOW,

    yes, I found a sticky from Tom in this forum. As I have Kontakt 1,5 (but was not installed on my system because I use kontakt2), I installed it now, and it works. I am able to create my own multis now.

    Tom, your suggestion is good, but often I have older songs in cubase, when I suddenly get the idea to add some strings or other classical instruments. In this case until now I had to add every single instrument into the GPO-player, which sometimes means ten or fifteen instruments. So my idea was to create some multis, as the factorymulties are mostly not useful for me.

    All the best

    sorry, english is not my native language

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