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Topic: GPO and Prog-metal fans...

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    GPO and Prog-metal fans...

    I was asked to do some orchestral renderings for a friend's new prog-metal concept album recently, and the final product has just been released. The band, Birmingham-based Stream of Consciousness, is an intriguing blend of male and female vocals, Chapman stick, guitar, bass, keys, and drums. Their debut album, The Awakening, also features guest performances from an operatic baritone, violin, viola, contrabass, and classical guitar (the last one performed by me, incidentally). While very melodic, the compositions revel in odd meters in true prog fashion.

    I used GPO (with a little help from JABB) to render both the Overture and Epilogue (click to hear clips). You can hear more sound clips here, including two complete songs:

    Stream of Consciousness: The Awakening


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    Re: GPO and Prog-metal fans...

    Quote Originally Posted by dabbler
    I really enjoyed the music, but the mix sounded awful on my system.

    The mix on what in particular? The orchestral pieces, or the "song" sections? I appreciate any feedback.

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    Re: GPO and Prog-metal fans...

    Quote Originally Posted by dabbler
    Sorry, I didn't mean on your stuff in particular. I just mean on everything.

    There seemed to be very little bass in there on all the tracks I listened to and it seemed excessively bright - I had to turn my sub all the way up to get a sense of what was actually there.

    My speaker system isn't the greatest on my computer here, so it would be interesting to hear what others thought of the actual overall sound, but on most material I listen to I get the wide spectrum without having to play with the sub level.
    Thanks for the feedback- I'll pass it along to the band. They mixed the album themselves on rather primitive equipment, so I'm not too surprised that it doesn't have the beef you're used to. The band is trying to get signed to a label right now, in which case they'd have the funds to pay for a professional mix and possibly a re-record.

    Any blame for the orchestral mixes goes to me- and in fact, when I heard the final pressed CD I wasn't thrilled with my mix. That's what I get for having only a few hours to work on it! (damn deadlines.)

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed the music. They're songwriting is very strong, and their live chops are amazing. And I'm not just saying that because they're friends.

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