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Topic: Help - bow attacks conumdrum

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    Question Help - bow attacks conumdrum


    Is there an articulation for K2 that removes the bow attack from a string passage?

    I'm trying to emulate a player moving the bow smoothly across the instrument without re-bowing every note.

    I imagined the performance legato presets in VSL Horizon Chamber strings would emulate this technique, but when I play legatos I get a beautiful but unwanted slide up or down.

    When I shorten the note lengths to elimate the slide, passages become altogether to distinct, and the note transistions seem to obvious.

    In short - not lush . . .

    I use: VSL Horizon Chamber Strings (converted to K2 script format)

    Kirk Hunter Emerald Orchestra K2

    EWQLSO Gold

    Peter Siedlaczek Strings Essentials K2


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    Re: Help - bow attacks conumdrum

    I'm working on a script along with a new UI that will accomplish exactly what you're looking for. Not easy, but possible.

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    Re: Help - bow attacks conumdrum

    That's got to be good news, because the seamless sound of - say - Barber's Adagio is very hard to emulate.
    That, and that it's a work of unparalleled genius, of course.

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    Re: Help - bow attacks conumdrum

    If you lessen the attack on the ADHSR panel, and play with the curve, AND intelligently place the MIDI notes, you can acheive this. just takes a bit of work.


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    Re: Help - bow attacks conumdrum

    You can also do this with the SIPS script, or with the sample offset legato script that I think comes with K2 by default.
    Wilbert Roget, II

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