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Topic: Odd GVI behaviour

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    Odd GVI behaviour

    I have been working on a VSL Pro Ed project. I noticed that every now and then an unused channel in VGI (hosted in V stack) would load with samples of it's own accord . Always the same one (one I had already used) and as far as I could see usually in the next empty channel. odd but didn't otherwise interfere.

    Now I have re-opened the project and found that this same sample has loaded itself into the majority (but not all) of the channels so putting me back to square one.

    Has anyone come across this sort of behaviour before and point me to any solutions?
    David Carter (DaveTubaKing)

    Intel 8 Core i7 975 Extreme Edition 3.33GHz, Corsair 12GB (6x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz , Sibelius 6.1, Symphonic cube, MIR, Vienna Choir


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    Re: Odd GVI behaviour

    My guess is that your sequencer is sending a program change request. I'd bet that the instrument being loaded is Bank 0, Patch 0, or at least the lowest Bank/Patch loaded in your system.

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