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Topic: New K2 user with questions

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    Question New K2 user with questions


    I've been using K2 for a few weeks now and have run in to a couple issues. this is my first soft sampler so please bear with my ignorance. I'm using K2 with Nuendo 2.

    I haven't been able to get any usefulness out of the expression controller. I'm using the included VSL strings and am trying to make more expressive legato lines but I can't hear any change in expression even when drawing erratic lines in the midi editor. Also, many of the legato instruments "chirp" on the first note. It sounds like a grace note but is intermittent. Has this bug been fixed?

    Also, is there a way to use one convolution reverb as a send effect and then send multiple instruments to it? I can only seem to do one reverb for each instrument which sucks all the memory up.

    There are more questions to follow but this is a good enought start.


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    Re: New K2 user with questions

    I can't help you with the chirp - they don't chirp for me.

    You can use the Aux channels for send effects.

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    Re: New K2 user with questions

    Hey thanks anyway.

    I've been bashing my head against this and i've got the sends figured out.

    However, the lack of expression control and chirp (strings sound like bagpipes) are getting on my nerves.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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    Re: New K2 user with questions

    For some reason the VSL patches don't have expression programmed by default, you have to add CC11 as a modulator if that's what you want to use. Open "Group Editor" and select the "Edit All Groups" button unless you want to do it one by one. Move down to the Amplifier module and click on "Modulation". Next you add modulator | External Sources | midi CC. It defaults to CC1. Change it to CC11. For expression I have the slider at -100%. I use a slightly non-linear curve. There is a little graphic of a curce to the right of the slider. If you click it expands the windows. You can click the "Active" button and draw your own curve or there are some presets. I copied one from another orchestral library and saved it as a preset. It works well with VSL.
    Ben N. Moore

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    Re: New K2 user with questions

    Thanks for that, Ben. It worked like a charm

    I notice that the expression controller doesn't work for legato instruments. I'm not sure if that's intentional as well. Seems like you'd want more expression control for legato phrases.

    I'm still getting these chirps and other midi weirdness like notes not lasting the duration of the incoming midi message.

    Here's a clip of a phrase i'm trying to make sound a little more real. You'll hear the chirp on the first and seventh note. Also the sixth note begins to trail off before the midi note has ended.


    Again thanks for your time.

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    Re: New K2 user with questions

    It sounds like you play a legato sample without any previous note to attach it to. I imagine this is a situation, where you should start with a non-legato patch note and proceed with the legato patch using its Ghost note feature.

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