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Topic: Stradivari NI Service Centre question

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    Stradivari NI Service Centre question


    After installing Stradivari 2.0 and launching NI's Service Centre, when trying to activate the Stradivari in the Online Activation Assistant I keep getting 'Request Error. Sorry, a request error occured. Your data could not be processed. Please clode and restart the application'. Here's a link to a screenshot:


    Any help would be much appreciated.



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    Re: Stradivari NI Service Centre question

    Nick, I can only suggest you keep trying - I've managed to register a lot of stuff in the last week without any problems - but there has been talk of the odd 'go slow' at NISC

    At any rate I don't think it's an instrument specific problem. Good luck, let us know - I've got EWQLSO XP Platinum sitting here which I haven't had a moment to load - so I'm interested!!


    Barrie B

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    Re: Stradivari NI Service Centre question

    Thanks a lot Barrie. I'll keep trying.

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    Re: Stradivari NI Service Centre question

    "Load error - please refresh your browser"

    I just tried to check out your website.... !

    Just the way it is sometimes... Touche!



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    Re: Stradivari NI Service Centre question

    Sorted! I downloaded the latest version of the NI Service Centre. It is now finally registered.

    Thanks for your help Barrie, and good luck with my site.


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    Re: Stradivari NI Service Centre question

    Nick, I'm the kind of sneaky person who'd already had a look some time ago when you posted before, I just liked the irony of it refusing to load in the context!!

    As I recall, I liked a lot of your stuff, which of course I don't like - if you catch my drift!



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    Re: Stradivari NI Service Centre question

    I understand completely.

    I particularly like your Sparse Strings, but hate the fact that with all the string samples I have, I don't seem to be able to create such an emotive and evocative sound. Where are your strings from Barrie?

    By the way, you have a very impressive credit list (courtesy Bucks Music - you're not the only sneaky one. ).

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    Re: Stradivari NI Service Centre question

    Hi Nick,

    the profile player is a mess at the moment - need to put some nice new stuff in! The strings are East West Platinum, but I often double up lines with judiciously chosen solo instruments - so the violins may have a sneaky solo violin in there somewhere. Same principle as applies to GPO.

    Sorry about my comment, but I'm not really, in my heart of hearts, as nice and comrade like with other writers who have the downright timerity to be good, as so many generous and helpful souls on the Northern Sounds Forum are. I'm with Gore Vidal (I'm probably paraphrasing) "It's not enough for me to succeed, others must fail" Oh, and his other famous one - "Every time a friend of mine is successful, a little part of me dies."

    I jest of course... but only a little. Actually my first rule of music writing is, Everybody elses sounds and ideas are better than mine...." Know what I mean?

    best regards


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    Re: Stradivari NI Service Centre question

    Thanks for the info!

    Now I have all products registered after downloading the new Service Center.
    Strange that they can´t inform about it.

    Also strange that I know have different System-ID on all my products!


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