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Topic: Urgent Studio upgrading for Feature & Short film projects

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    Urgent Studio upgrading for Feature & Short film projects

    I need to buy some new pieces of kit for my fledgling studio. Have just taken on 2 new projects and cannot any longer justify not having various pieces of equipment. Would be most grateful for all or any help please...


    Have been repeatedly steered towards the Focusrite Saffire as an amazing interface. Could anyone tell me if they have experience using it & if they think there are any other better alternatives perhaps for a similar kind of price?


    Need a decent mixer. Soundcraft keep coming up, but I know very little about why? Would be looking to spend circa £100 GBP (up to around £150 or £180 for the right piece of kit as my budget is flexible.... ish)


    I need a decent mic. Again, I have a budget of around £100 GBP which again is sort of flexible if necessary... I predominantly need it for vocals so need some advice on what is best out there.

    There is a matter of some urgency to all this as I have to have the equipment before I can commit to some parts of the score, so would really appreciate every or anyone's help quickly...!!!

    Muchas gracias

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    Re: Urgent Studio upgrading for Feature & Short film projects

    AUDIO INTERFACE and Mixer all in one

    Clean mics and good preamps are essential

    Go for the Mackie Onyx 12 channel Firewire
    Mackie have excellent mic preamps so this gives you a very flexible, high quality mixer/soundcard.

    Alternatively for smaller budgets the Mackie Onyx satellite is what I have next to me


    The best value has to be the Rode NT1 or any others in that range.

    Turnkey in soho are good at cutting a deal.

    Good luck

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    Re: Urgent Studio upgrading for Feature & Short film projects

    Thanks for that.

    Would like to get some ideas about Soundcraft as have heard they are superior to Mackie on the whole.

    Anyone any ideas?

    Also, focusrite saffire - any users out there?

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    Re: Urgent Studio upgrading for Feature & Short film projects

    I'm don't own a Saffire, but I've heard a lot more bad things about it (mostly poor drivers) than good things. For a little bit more you could get a Motu Ultralite or a Presonus Firepod, probably would have less issues. Also, if you get a Firepod, it has 8 preamps and you come then maybe consider bypassing the mixer.

    As for a mic, I have a Rode NT1-A, which I believe is in your price range. A very good mic for the money.

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    Re: Urgent Studio upgrading for Feature & Short film projects

    Thanks Tim, very helpful.

    I didn't realise Rode came so highly recommended! I have just looked up both your mic the NT1-A & also the NT1000 (both on very good offers on Turnkey) I'm presuming the NT1000 would be the next step up from what you have?

    As for the Focusrite Saffire, I have only ever heard wonderful things about it, so am worried to hear you say not... could you elaborate on why you have heard it is disastrous and perhaps what these 'issues' are?
    And what the benefits of the Presonus over the Focusrite please... questions, questions...

    Also, has anyone else heard anything positive or negative about any of the above or can they back up the view that I should become the proud owner of a Rode microphone...

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    Re: Urgent Studio upgrading for Feature & Short film projects

    The NT1000 probably would be a slight step up from an NT1-A. Though I'm not sure that you'd get a big noticable difference in quality for the extra $100.

    After looking around the net, I couldn't really find a whole lot of user reviews of the Saffire. Most of my information on the unit has come from what I've heard from others in other audio forums I go to. I've heard more people recommend against it that recommend for it. If you have some buddies who have one or have been talking to people who have one and it works well for them, don't let me dissuade you for getting one.

    As for some potention benefits of a Firepod over a Saffire, it has more inputs and 8 preamps. Since you said you were interested in a mixer, depending on what you'll use if for and your preferences it may be easier and cheaper to skip a mixer and go directly into the box and mix things in there. Preamp wise you there probably wouldn't be much of a difference in quality of the two units.

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