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Topic: Using sequencer/sampler live

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    Question Using sequencer/sampler live

    I could use some help on this, Guys & Gals!

    I want to trigger horn / strings sample arrangements via pre-recorded midi tracks in Cubase SX3 on stage and have the tempo controlled by, say, the drummers hi-hat or something, in order to handle any fluctuations. But, I've never done it.

    Any advice?

    I was also thinking of using Liquid horns & / or Melodyne for this and other studio use, but, I'm not sure it would be best for the live thing, as I would be triggering audio tracks w/ a fixed time stamp. I really dig the horns sounds though! And Melodyne wuld be a nice thing to have in the studio, for sure. And I'm not talking about fixing everything & the kitchen sink either!


    Ricky B

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    Re: Using sequencer/sampler live

    Thanks for your input, Lee. I figured as much. Guess I'm asking too much too!

    Maybe someone else will chime in with a brainstrom.

    Ricky B

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